Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Horsman Dolls: "America's Best Known and Best Loved Dolls

In 1950, the Horsman Doll Company had been in business for 85 years. All this time the Horsman Doll Company produced a “People’s Doll,” which was a fine doll at a moderate price. Their reputation was built upon producing a limited number of well-made composition dolls. In particular, the Horsman Doll Company produced baby dolls with mama criers with a certain look, a sweet, dolly face that did not change significantly from year to year. The company’s slogan was, “America’s Best Known and Best Loved Dolls.”

The material once used, which was composition, has now given way to a sturdier vinyl material. The Horsman Doll Company continued doing what they did best. They consistently produced a staple line of very attractive dolls in wonderful high quality outfits all at affordable prices which made it possible for almost any American girl to own one.
Another significant change for the Horseman Doll Company was the beginning of rooting Saran fibers into their soft vinyl doll heads. In 1953, they decided to use Dynell, another plastic hair fiber, for the Shadow Wave doll. The hair on this doll could be styled and set. However, in 1954, they returned

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