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The Madame Alexander Doll Collections

The Madame Alexander dolls are collector-quality only. They are exquisitely fine dolls that are designed to be displayed and not played with. Each of the Madame Alexander dolls are produced in limited quantities, and never produced again. Once all dolls are sold, you will have to purchase from a collector.

Madame Alexander dolls can be found in fine doll shops, online on collectors’ web sites and auction sites such as eBay. The Madame Alexander dolls are created with a story that portrays some kind of special moment in history, literature, movies, girls’ lives and fairy tales. The categories of Madame Alexander dolls help the collector decide whether or not to build a Madame Alexander doll collection around a certain line such as all the dolls in the fairy tales category.

A good place to start to get to know the Madame Alexander Doll Collections is to visit their company web site.

The cost of a new Madame Alexander doll is usually around $79.99. I just saw some of the new birthday theme dolls in a fine shop for this amount. In the future, these dolls will become more expensive to purchase from those who have collected them today, and if you purchase Madame Alexander dolls from the previous years, you can expect to pay a huge amount of money for them. The older dolls and of course those in mint condition command prices anywhere from $300 upward.

I personally do not like keeping my dolls in boxes. You should always keep the box, but I keep my dolls behind glass cases so I and other can enjoy seeing them. A nice case is a must for a doll collector to preserve the quality of their collections.

You will need to purchase a doll price guide to get an idea of how much to pay for previous dolls.

The creator of the Madame Alexander dolls actually grew up in the doll business under her Russian immigrant father, Maurice Alexander. Beatrice Alexander Behrman learned to appreciate the beauty of dolls during her early years in life with her father who opened the first “doll hospital” in the United States in 1895. As an adult, Madame Alexander founded the Alexander Doll Company, Inc. in the 1920’s and became the leading professional woman of the doll industry. Her company is famous for beauty and high quality dolls and clothing all based upon a special moment in history, in literature, in the movies, in a girls’ life or a fairy tale. Madame Alexander dolls are fascinating to collect.

The earliest Madame Alexander dolls were actually cloth and composition as this was the type of materials most dolls were made of in the 1930s’.

The first doll was based on a licensed character (Scarlet from Gone with the Wind). This creation lead to the dolls based on characters from popular motion pictures, the first to bring feature baby dolls to market, the first to create dolls in honor of living people such as Queen Elizabeth and the Dionne Quints.

The Alexander Doll Company was acquired by the Kaizen Breakthrough Partnership LP.

Madame Alexander and her company’s goal were and still are to produce the highest quality and most beautiful doll clothing in the entire world. I personally think Madame Alexander and her Company have accomplished this goal over and over again. She used the same molds over and over again with only costume and hairstyle changes to create the personality and character of each.

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