Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Galoob Baby Face Dolls

Mel Birnkrant is the creator of the Galoob Baby Face doll. He has been in the toy industry for many years and is a leading toy designer. Mel Birnkrant was the Creative Director for Colorforms Toys for over 20 years. While in this position he created a cornucopia of products that included the Mickey Mouse and Disney Colorforms toys. He licensed the Baby Face doll design in partnership with Kiscom Toys to the Lewis Galoob Toy Company in 1990. All the original outfits worn by the Baby Face dolls were created by Judy Albert, who also has fame for the Cabbage Patch family of dolls.
Mel and his wife, Eunice converted a three-story schoolhouse in upstate New York into a home for themselves and their unusual collection of rare comic character toys.
The first dolls’ names were:
· So Surprised Suzie
· So Happy Heidi
· So Sorry Sarah
· So Shy Sherry
· So Delightful DeeDee
· So Playful Penny
· So Innocent Cynthia
· So Loving Laura
· So Sweet Sandi
· So Funny NatalieAll the dolls have acrylic glass eyes and real eyelashes. The dolls are made of a high quality vinyl and are about 13” tall. Being jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows,

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